grandbro smiles with his gun still aimed at razors head "ur so fuked m8"

"ok pig"


"idk pig says that anyway pls dont kill me :("

"srry bro" just b4 grandbro can pull the trigger gost jumps on his back and punches his head.

"run razor run ill cover u just go!"

razor ran away grandbro mangaed to grab gost and do a super suplex or some shit that launched gost into the air he lands in a pile of pig shit grandbro retreats inside the bathroom with klee to form a new plan

razor saw tommy coming for him holding 2 spooky scary skeletons "prepare to get spooked lel 3=D"

razor grabbed a tomohawk spun 3 times den threw it, it tommy in the dik killing him razor stood frozen for a moment


"wot happened" asked angry cam

razor continued to jump up and down in excitment "MOM GET THE CAMERA!!!!"

"dam m8 ur fuking badass m8" says pig

inside the bathroom klee and grandbro discuss their plan "so wat do we do boss" asks grandbro

klee strokes her chin "we have no choice...we have to release...the secret weapon"

"uh o r u sure boss that could end very badly"

"we have no choice now lets go befor these assholes take the community"

"wait u gunna wash your hands?"

klee turns to grandbro slowly "nooo cos im evil" *DUUUUUUUUUUUUN* klee walks out

"da fug" says grandbro

outside angry cam and the others push deeper into klee's community "hey any juan seen pale m8" asks pig

"no he must have went off alone" says angry cam

suddenly the group hears a loud scream they turn around to see someone being torn apart

razor almost barfs "oh god its...FIND OUT NEXT ISSUE BITCH LEL"


To be continued...


  • gost
  • razor
  • angry cam
  • klee
  • grandbro
  • tommy
  • pigpen
  • the secret weapon


  • tommy
  • someone but hoo????? :o


  • hoo is dee secret weappon?
  • hoo dyed???
  • post thoughts on comets