Wiki mia!

Wiki Mia! is a musical extravaganza written by Katie and Juan. Based on the hit songs by the Swedish group ABBA, Wiki Mia! tells the story of Daley, an ex-girl power band member, and Surry, her daughter; as they try to survive the latter's wedding, where Daley's three main lovers come together.


  • Kaley as Donna (Daley)
  • Purry as Sophie (Surry)
  • Katie as Tanya (Tatie)
  • Juan as Rosie (Josie)
  • Grave as Sam (Gravam)
  • Masta as Bill (Mastill)
  • Cam as Harry (Carry)
  • Dom as Sky (Skom) 
  • Relic as Ali (Reli) 
  • Delon as Lisa (Delisa) 
  • Maimer as Pepper (Maipper)
  • Razor as Eddie (Reddie)


Act One: Edit

  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3
  • Scene 4

Act Two:Edit

  • Scene 5
  • Scene 6
  • Scene 7


  • I Have a Dream (Surry)
  • Honey, Honey (Surry, Reli, Delisa)
  • Money, Money, Money (Daley, Tatie, Josie, Surry)
  • Thank You For the Music (Surry)
  • Mamma Mia (Daley)
  • Chiquitita (Tatie, Josie)
  • Dancing Queen (Daley, Josie, Tatie)
  • Lay All Your Love on Me (Skom, Surry)
  • Super Trouper (Daley, Josie, Tatie)
  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! (Daley, Josie, Tatie)
  • The Name of the Game (Surry, Mastill)
  • Voulez-Vous (Surry, Reli, Delisa, Skom, Pepper, Eddie, Carry, Gravam)