Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age Late 40's
Occupation Unemployed
First Appearance Mutagen Stories #1
Status Mutated
Who you callin' dumbass, you spineless cream puff piece of shit?
— Vic to Donatello

Vic, also known as Spider Bytez, is a minor character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is a rival to the turtles, and a mutant. He was originally an overweight, unemployed slob who did nothing but hang out by his television set. He was a cranky old man who never really left the apartment. One night, the turtles were travelling through the rooftops, looking for a place Raphael was excited to go to. With their heavy footsteps, they woke Vic up. He went up to the roof and strated yelling at them, accusing them of being "kung-fu frogs". 


As Vic:Edit

As he got up on the rooftops to scold the turtles, they all got into a big fight. He called them "kung-fu frogs" and "spineless cream puffs", making Raphael very angry. With this, Raphael began to choke Vic, much to Leo's digust. The leader told his brother to leave the man, which eventually created a power dilemma between the two. Finally, after Leo knocks Raphael out with a slap to the face, the three remaining turtles leave, as Vic stares in awe. When he's alone in the rooftop, Vic is able to snap a few pictures of Raphael. Then, he discovers a shiny blue splot in the ground, which he instantly touches. Among the ooze hides a spider, which bites him.Finally, Vic becomes a giant spider humanoid with a round and furry body, a large mouth and a group of spikes growing from his back.

As Spider Bytez:Edit

To Be Added.

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Mutagen Stories:Edit

  • Story 1
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