Slash is the third story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutagen Stories. It was published on August 10th, 2014.

Spider Bytez

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"It was that one morning. At night, they threw the other turtles out. Chet, the dick who fed us and tried to put some bushes by the tank where they kept us, just opened the glass tank and took them out. I had to stare as he walked over to the bathroom and closed the door, carrying my partners as if they were trash. From where I stood, terrified, I heard water flushing coming from behind the door. Honestly, it was the most horrifying noise I have ever been presented. They took me in for another while, feeding me chemicals and fluids every fucking day. I had to stare at Chet's fat face every time I woke up. He had his classic dumbass smile... the one that curled my blood. I wanted to break through the glass and stab his neck with the shards. It's not that I couldn't, you see. I was able to break wood, but I decided to do it later. There was no need yet, really. But when the day got here... I would wreck the whole laboratory. I would set chaos among Chet and his bastard friends... I'll finish them with ease..."