ROB FaceYourManga
Status Dead
Age Late 30's
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 3
Last Seen Issue 10
Death Put down by Russell after reanimating.
Relations Juana - Girlfriend
Ethnicity Caucasian - American
Occupation Unknown

Huh, you're funny, kid. You really think the fucking government would have the balls to get into a town full of walking corpses just to protect the few people inside? They'll just wait it out until we all die and send a report about how they're gonna miss us or some shit. Just watch it go.

Rob is one of the main antagonists in Rot and Rise. He is presented as a shaggy bearded man that comes along with Juana and finds Alice's classroom on the second week of the apocalypse. He is a sarcastic and irresponsible man who is not afraid to insult and disrespect other survivors. When he first finds Alice, he says he had been alone with his girlfriend during the past two weeks, wandering around the town and looking for food and other survivors. 


Not much is known about Rob before the apocalypse started, except that he was in a relationship with Juana.


After the corpses invaded Alice's city, Juana and Rob kept roaming around the empty streets and bloody sidewalks, fighting off dead people and trying to forget the shameful situation that went on around them. Finally, they came across the high school where Alice and Mr. Damon stayed. They rang the bell in the doorway to the first classroom, drawing Alice's attention. She opened the door without hesitation and the survivors entered the room. They then tell the girl and her companion their story, while noticing how the classroom was shaped and what it contained. 


Killed ByEdit

  • Russell (After Reanimation)

When Rob and Alice arrive to the Alfreda Manor, he is directly taken to a nursery, where he is taken care of by Linda. The woman then tells Russell to get some medicine from the medicine shop. While the man was away, Rob turns and attacks her. Russell gets back to the nursery with the medicine, and finds the remaining parts of Linda's unrecognizable body spread everywhere, and a zombified Rob eating a chunk of flesh. He raises his shotgun and puts both of them down.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Glen Damon
  • Linda 
  • Numerous counts of zombies. 


Volume 1: A Whole New WorldEdit

  • Issue 3
  • Issue 4
  • Issue 5
  • Issue 6
  • Issue 7
  • Issue 8
  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10 (Death)