ETHAN FaceYourManga
Status Alive
Age Mid 20's
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 9
Ethnicity Native-American
Occupation Unknown

Just come in and shoot whatever you see.

Ethan is a character in Rot and Rise. He is the leader of the Alfreda Manor Hotel community, and is known to be antisocial, cruel and selfish. As a leader, he makes reckless and unlikely decisions, which ultimately only benefit him. 


Not much is known about Ethan's life before the apocalypse, except that he lived next to Russell and Heather. He was also very picky and selfish, as Russell states that he had severe measurements when his neighbors used their loud speakers.


Ethan fled to a supermarket with Russell and Heather when the apocalypse began. There, he met Craig and his family. After days of living there without news about the outside, they decided to move to the Alfreda Manor hotel, where they met Don, Antonio, Jillian, Janet, Deanna, Linda and Marcos. Keeping up with his selfish decisions, he took a cabin as his office and decided he would lead the group. 

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of corpses.


Volume 1: A Whole New World:Edit

  • Issue 8
  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10