Template:Characterinfo Elizabeth Tesle is a major character who first appeared in Issue 1 in Contained. She is a part of Owlswood's latest Carrier team along with Titus Morgan and Trey Verdun.

Early LifeEdit

Elizabeth was born to a politician and a butcher in Owlswood. Growing up she wanted to achieve greatness and defend people, but never knowing how to, until she saw three new Carriers be deployed one day. She then found someone who'd be willing to to train her, Ralph Trayl. Trayl was a former Carrier who had returned to Owlswood after he took an arrow through the leg. When asked to train her, he agreed to do this and began when she became sixteen years of age. Training under Ralph Trayl, she was often thrust into the open wild for a few days at a time, learning the basics of survival and combat. She was once caught in the middle of a small herd which she had only survived thanks to the Carriers of another community passing through the area. She was later joined after three years of rigorous training by Trey Verdun and Titus Morgan as a part of a finalization academy for Carriers at Owlswood before her group of friend became an actual team of Carriers for Owlswood.

Life as a CarrierEdit

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Generally kind but yet stern, Tesle will try to bury herself in her work rather than spend time talking about things she sees as pointless. She will always take another person's thoughts into account when possible and if they deserve a vote.


Titus MorganEdit

Titus and Elizabeth are good friends but due to Morgan's lack of self confidance, she can get annoyed by Titus' attitude and will sometimes lash out at him, making them resent each other for various amounts of time.

Trey VerdunEdit

Although he is a great teammate, he can make Elizabeth very mad and annoyed. at times with his jealousy of his friends' abilities.


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