DON FaceYourManga
Status Alive
Age Late 70's
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 10
Relations Deanna - Granddaughter
Ethnicity Caucasian - American
Occupation Unknown

Ethan, we've all had enough of your bullshit. This group is fucking shattering as this point. No one shares their supplies. No one wants to talk unless they're forced to. No one wants to even leave their room. These rules apply to you too, son. Now, if you want those supplies, you'd better go get them yourself. We won't care if you fucking starve. We're not interested.

Don is a major character in Rot and Rise. As a very experienced man, Don gets very uneasy when it comes to making choices or picking sides, as he knows everything can have a consequence. He is also known for being very harsh and honest, as his temper can be a ticking time bomb after something bad occurs to him or Deanna.


Not much is known about Don's life before the apocalypse, except that he was very close to Deanna and visited her often. 


When the outbreak began, Deanna was having a meet-up with Don at the hotel where she worked. They stayed together as they closed the gates to keep the corpses out. Afterwards, they found Antonio, Marcos, Jillian and Janet.

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Volume 1: A Whole New World:Edit

  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10