SHERI FaceYourManga
Status Alive
Age Mid 30's
Gender Female
First Seen Issue 9
Relations Craig - Husband

Luke - Son

Lilly - Daughter

Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Occupation Unknown

There's plenty of food in here, and if we ever run out of supplies, there's a damn drug store down the street!

Cheryl is a main character in Rot and RiseShe is a survivor in the Alfreda Manor hotel, where she lives with her family. In the early days of the apocalypse, she ran from her home with Craig and her children towards a nearby supermarket, where she met Ethan, Heather and Russell. After staying inside the market for a couple of weeks, they all fled to the hotel, where they met Don, Deanna, Janet and the others.


Not much is known about Cheryl's life before the apocalypse, except that she lived with Craig and her children in the same city as the hotel.




Volume 1: A Whole New WorldEdit

  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10


  • Cheryl's original name was Sheri.
    • Ironically, her appearance was based on a photo of Sheri Moon Zombie in the 2005 remake of Halloween.