Status Alive
Age Late 10's
Gender Female
First Seen Issue 1
Relations Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Grandmother

Ethnicity Irish-American
Occupation High School Student

You... you don't get it, do you? I'm surrounded by people, but... I still feel like I'm alone. Like there's nothing to live for right now. There's this big, giant hole on my heart that reminds me that... no one's family anymore. Sure, there's actual families like Craig and Cheryl's, but the others... we're just strangers that got glued together like a fucking macaroni frame. We're all unstable, and... none of us belong

Alice is the main protagonist in Rot and RiseAs a child, her parents never spent time with her, since they had a full-time job. She grew up on Saturday morning cartoons and gossip magazines; which made her dream about a world where bad things would always end up fine. She is not very charismatic, as she has an air of sarcasm and sass around her comments. After she saves a couple of teachers at the beginning of the apocalypse, she becomes a self-taught leader for them.


Alice was a lonely child in a world full of busy people. In the afternoons after school, she would sit in her lawn, playing with cheap dolls her grandmother got her. During classes, she sleeps and sometimes thinks about different unrelated things. She doesn't have many friends, as people consider her "weird". 

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  • Alice's original name was Lydia.
  • Her appearance is based on a picture of Isla Fisher, which was originally her infobox photo.