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• 2/18/2018

Bitter End Character Auditions


FYM Picture (With the same background)





This background:
Post image
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• 2/3/2018

Official FFL Discord Announcement

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the brand new FFL Discord that is now up and running. Most are already on here, but for the few that might have missed it/the new visitors on here, don't be afraid to go take a look around.

As with most Discord servers we have a general text channel where everyone talks about everything, just a main hub for socializing. We also got designated channels for discussing stories here on FFL, brainstorm ideas with each other, and also a meme channel because why not. Additionally we also have a few voice channels, if you wish to speak to others with a mic.

Press this link to join:

We hope to see FFL become bigger as we go, and see more stories from different people on the wiki, and we hope to see you on the server as well.
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 12/24/2016

Zombie stories

I've noticed that almost all the current stories on this wiki are zombie stories, does anyone ever get tired of them?
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• 5/1/2016

One More Day auditions man

Hi, this story isn't coming out until like September or sometime like that. It's a post apocalyptic story and such.
The story is set five hundred years after a massive earthquake that eventually brought down civilization by starting other earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions. The
One POV will be set in New England (:o) in the middle of Rhode Island. Rhode Island and other states by the coast are now almost completely underwater.
One POV will be set in California in the ruins of San Francisco.
One POV will be set in Alaska in a community in the middle of the forest.
One POV will be set in Texas near the former border between Texas and Mexico. Texas is now a wasteland that's patrolled by gangs.
Things to put and such items
Which POV he/she set in:
FYM: Background
have fun, inb4 only cam
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• 12/5/2015

Traveling To Redemption character auditions

I have decided to stop making stories about zombies and such because I can't write them/make them good like others can.
but this isn't zombies now so...

Contents[show]Before you go making a funni FYM just notice this:
I have no problem if the character is a reference as long as it's serious and can actually be a decent character for the story.

What is this abomination?
read what it says on the page.

now make ur funni FYM
just put in the audition:
Side notes: (shit like: if he's more good than bad or more bad than good, if he hates this or that, etc)

my side notes:
1. tell me if you want to have some controll over the character or if I can do whatever I want with him, like making an event that will change him and such.
2. make the background light grey please, I might show an example if I will manage to make a good design
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• 10/25/2015

FFL: Tag Team Death Battle

So, I've decided to try out the Tag Team Death Battle I did on TWD Wiki. Cam, Ghost, Tommy and I have chosen 6 characters from our own stories, Strife, World After Death, A New Life and Deadrise, and decided on 6 from Katie's story Outsiders. (With the exeption of 1 extra character from Deadrise and 1 extra from World After Death to even the numbers). Just like on TWD, all 32 characters have been randomized and put on random teams. Vote on the team you think would win in a death battle.
And the winners of Round 8 were... Floyd Gibson and Vince Garcia!
Now for Round 9, these are our contestants.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Who will win?  Barry Stevens and Tyrone Smith 7 Lawrence Myers vs Wayne Mitchell 1 The poll was created at 20:39 on October 25, 2015, and so far 8 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 10/9/2015

New Story Auditions!

Ayy what's up no time long see
So as you may already know, all my original stories (except Splintered Buffalo) are cancelled. I just didn't find them as interesting as I did before and blah blah blah. Besides, I haven't been able to jump on here since I've started an internship-thingy and basically all of my time got sucked up by my play. 
But I kind of missed you all, and I've had an idea burning in my head, so why give it a fresh start? 
All I will tell you is this: the story is about a tribe of hippies in 1960's California. So you know, sex, acid, mari, love, protests, dancing, all that. More details will come soon, I just don't want to dump the whole project on you right now. 
Please follow this template for your auditions:
Nickname (can be a flower or whatevs):
Reason for joining the tribe:
Additional details: 

So yes, that's pretty much it. Please follow this background pattern when creating your FYMs:
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This post is locked.
• 10/5/2015

The Darkest Hour - Character Auditions

Alright, so I was originally hesitant on making one of these for TDH, but I decided to give it a shot anyhow. Don't get offended if your character doesn't get chosen, I choose after quality of design and backstory.
To get you started, this story takes place about 1-2 days into the apocalypse, and takes place in North Carolina.
Here are the criterias:
Additional info (optional):

FYM background should be like this: Good luck!
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• 10/5/2015

The Darkest Hour - a fresh start

Greetings, it has finally come to this, that I get to announce the story I've been itching to talk about. Back in April earlier this year, I posted a thread with details regarding my stories and where they're headed.
Now before I talk about the new story, I want to get the sad news outta the way first. I am indeed cancelling Deadrise.
Now before you go "YOU'RE JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON" or whatever, I want you to know I wouldn't have done this if I weren't stuck story wise since January 2nd. It's closing in to become a year since the last issue. And frankly, I want to lay it dead and try again. Deadrise was my first attempt at writing serious zombie fiction, and I found it really fun. But it is not to deny that I really don't like the outcome of the first issues, looking back. 
Therefore, I am announcing my brand new story: The Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour will feature protagonist Ethan Cross, waking up alone after a party, discovering the world torn to pieces and ruled by the dead.
I don't have any more to say plotwise, but I will say this: A handful of characters from Deadrise will make a return, and appear in The Darkest Hour. This includes all user submitted characters as well.
Additionally, I want to give other users a chance at submitting as well, so IF people are up for it, tell me in the comments whether or not you want to submit a character, and I can set one up if enough people want to.
I believe that is all. I hope you guys are as excited as I am for The Darkest Hour, and I will see you soon.
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• 10/23/2015

Hurt and Heal - FFL Version

The TRUE and DEFINITIVE rip-off of Kaley's thread on TWDW!!!
For this, I picked 10 characters from the stories that, in my judgement, left the biggest impression on the community, may they still be on going, finished (ha, yeah) or scrapped.
10 Characters from Strife (I'm still waiting for the re-write btw) by Cam, 10 characters from Outsiders by Katie, 10 characters from World After Death by Wolfie, 10 characters from A New Life by myself and 10 characters from Deadrise by Razor.
More characters from other stories may be added to the mix mid-game, if requested. I'm not putting meme characters like Lary or Joshua here, it would be unfair.
The rules stay the same, with minor changes:
- You can only vote every 5 hours. FFL is way less active than TWDW so it makes sense.
- All characters start with 10 points
- The maximum points a character can have is 20
- If a character gets to zero points, they die and can't be revived.
- The last one standing wins.

 Vincent: 12
Vincent Myers (Pestilence)

 Patrick: 10
Patrick Myers (Pestilence)

 Rowena: 12
Rowena Myers (Pestilence)

 Nancy: 11
Nancy Brodmir (Pestilence)

 Rook: 11
Maurice Rook (Pestilence)

 Wayne: 11
Wayne Mitchell (Pestilence)

 Duncan M.: 10
Duncan Mitchell (Pestilence)

 Barnes: 12
Barnes Fooks (Pestilence)

 Mitch: 12
Mitch (Pestilence)

 Colin: DEAD
Colin Cassady (Pestilence)

 Lance: 9

 Maxine: DEAD

 Carson: 10

 Lilly: 14

 Jim: 12

 Anton: 10

 Caitlin: 2

 Lawson: 12

 Terrence: 12
Terrence Brodmir (Pestilence)

 Paul: 10

 Vince: 11
Vince Garcia (World After Death)

 Luis: 11
Luis (World After Death)

 Lindsey: DEAD
Lindsey Wallace (World After Death)

 Robert J.: 11
Robert Jones (World After Death)

 Trevor: 11
Trevor (World After Death)

 Michael: 12
Michael Hood (World After Death)

 Jorge: 13
Jorge (World After Death)

 James: 13
James Marshall (World After Death)

 Cicero: 20
Cicero (World After Death)

 Ernie: 15
Ernie (World After Death)

 Peter: 10

 Angela: 7

 Kurt: 12

 Barry S.: 19

 Leon: DEAD

 Tyrone: 9

 Matthew: 12

 Jasper: 14

 Dennis: DEAD

 Duncan G.: 10

 Robert E.: 10

 Corey: DEAD

 Floyd: 13

 Miles: 11

 Randy: 12

 Barry P.: 10

 Faith: 9

 Carlo: 9

 Dorian: 12

 Javier: 12
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• 10/4/2015

The Last War - Hurt and Heal

As some of you know, TWD wiki is doing a 'Hurt or Heal' game.
I want to try one with The Last War volume 1 characters.
The last one standing wins. You can only vote every 11 hours. The max points a character can have is 20 and they start at 10.
Have fun!

Raymond - 10Spencer - 10Steven - 6Nathaniel - 10Sapphire - 10Jason - 10Woody - 9Axel - 11Brent - 17Bruno - 9Matthew - 10Jasper - 7Keith - 11Ethan - 10Neville - 10Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})
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• 8/30/2015

The Last War Character Auditions

I need some characters for my story, pleasr fill out like this;

FYM Picture (With the same backround)

Background like this, please;
EDIT: The story takes place in London, England
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• 8/25/2015

Obey Character Auditions man

So I've already mapped out some things in Obey. Problem is while I have about six new characters I created myself, Obey is going to be basically the giant finale so it's going to be really big and so I kinda need some more characters. I guess I should give an example/template/whatever
Other: (Optional, really just anything else about the character)
Oh and the background needs to look like this, 

Anyways you obviously don't have to audition a character, I'm just asking.
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• 8/6/2015

Miasma 84th re-write character auditions and what not

Ahoy there. I'm doin' Juan of those audition thread things. Accepted character will show up somewhere during the Miasma re-write (That may not be called Miasma). So yeah, post em nigs.
Description (Height and what not):
FYM (white background pls):
So, as you may have noticed. Miasma and the associated pages no longer exist, this is due to Katie and I splitting the series.
>inb4 Pig inserts Cleveland Mad World
Seriously though, it was the best thing to do in the situation, and quite frankly the best thing for the series. Anywhore, whilst I get my literary shite together and set everything up. I'll be working on that musical instead. Sorry for the year long delay m90's.
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• 8/1/2015

A sad announcement.

Howdy, all. Well, might as well cut to the chase. After thinking about it, I've decided to cancel Ashes To Ashes. [Insert Cleveland Mad World Here] I feel kind of bad for announcing this shortly after I announced the re-write and probably getting some hopes up, but yes after thinking about some more I just don't think I can't properly write this. I admit I got over exited at the idea of re-writing it that I announced far too early. But just to give you an idea of why I made this decision, here are a few reasons and what not.
Well for starters I didn't really feel up to the task of writing two long running series' at the same time, I'd probably be putting all my attention into Evil Things and wouldn't be giving ATA the attention it deserves.
Two, I just wasn't feeling the story. I can't really explain it, I just didn't like the direction I was going with it, even with re-writing it. (Also a lot of it was kinda ripping off Fallout)
Well, that's pretty much it. Apologies again to all those who were looking forward to the story. And an extra apology to all those who took the time to submit characters, but please feel free to use them for yourselves. I'd hate to see them go to waste and seeing Alasdair in Corvid Murrain or something like that would be cool. But anyway I hope you all can understand why I made this decision. And don't worry I will be doing other series' outside of Evil Things, they just won't be long running series'. Anywhore thanks for reading m9s.
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• 7/18/2015

Announcements and what not

Howdy as some of you may have noticed WAD is back! Under the new title Evil Things. It's gonna be a very different story form the original, but I'm sure you will all enjoy it. With that out of the way I wanted to announce that Gates of Iron has been scrapped, this was a tie-in story to WAD that I no longer need, but fear not those who submitted characters I will be using them in Evil Things. Right now I'm using Cam, Razor and Juan's characters. Old user characters Hitoshi and Kelvin are still in. Additional for those who don't know, Evil Things is written in a third person POV format. The initial POV characters are Vince, Lindsey, Rachel and Trevor. More will be added as the story progresses. Anyway that's all I wanted to say regarding Evil Things. I hope all of you will enjoy the story which is coming very soon. Thanks for reading m8s.
ATA: For those who don't know I'm also re-writing Ashes To Ashes in the same POV style as Evil Things, it won't be coming anytime soon as I am still working on the new plans for it.
Spooky bonus: I'm also working on a mini series that is completely unrelated to any of my current work, be on the look out for that real soon. ;)
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• 7/18/2015

RoTD Re-boot/Re-make or whatever it is

All Issues and characters after Issue 3 are being scrapped.Including the story
Most characters like Chandler Gunn,Justin Reedus,Richie Everett,etc will stay in the story
If anyone wants to give me ideas for the story you're all welcome to do so

Characters Confirmed to stay
Justin Reedus
Cameron Stenhaug
Chandler Gunn
Max Koopher
Richie Everett
Allen York
Travis Spike
Most of  "The Takers" (the name will change)
Nathaneil Williams (I Added a last name)
Dave Johnson 
Lawrence Dawson
New Characters
Drake Jafari
Noah Hewson
Treyson Lee
Alvin Simpson

Most of the plot will change
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• 4/2/2015

Story Updates (+ New Story Announcement)

Hello all, it's been a while since I actively posted on FLL. I thought it would be appropriate with a little formal update regarding my stories and where I will go with them.
Blood Brothers: By far the story most people wanna see continued. This may be due to there only being one volume and all, but I'm glad there is such a big demand for it. As for where it is and what will happen, is simply that I don't have many ideas for where to proceed from the current point in the story. Might also be that I haven't put too much thought into it as well, but it will return someday, just not in the nearest future.
Deadrise: As for Deadrise, I am kind of at the same dilemma as Blood Brothers. I ended the last issue (Issue 19) with an ending I didn't think thoroughly through, which has caused me to kind of write myself in a corner, with few ideas of where to go next. In the meantime, I am officially putting Deadrise on hiatus until I get a proper solution.
The Wanking Deaf: The Wanking Deaf just ended it's first season (hurray), and it will continue. I will soon do the parody of 400 Days, which will be, of course, "400 Gays". After that, I will be working on Season 2, so look forward to that.
New Story: And last, but not least, I am announcing a new story I will be working on now that Deadrise is put to the side. I won't reveal too much of it right now, as I'm still working out the main plot and characters, and the official name of the story.
Though, I will say it will be a zombie story. Now, before you go "ugh, another one?", I will agree there are quite a few zombie fics out here, but the reason for it is that I want a fresh start, and work out the zombie story I really wanted to write. Now that I've written a fair bit of Deadrise, I can see a lot of improvement on my part from the first few issues and the last ones. So, I'm aiming for this new story to have thoroughly written issues all the way through, as I will put more time into the issues than before.
Again, when I have figured out the official title and done a bit of work on the plot, maybe even pre-written the first few issues, I will officially announce the new story in it's own thread, informing you all a little more on the subject. But for now, this is all I can say so far. I hope you all got some insight, make sure to ask any remaining questions in the comments if you have any. Either way, hope you all have a nice day, and I'll see you soon.
(I am highlighting this thread, so everyone can see it, so questions don't remain unanswered.)
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• 3/31/2015

New Story Auditions

Ey babes,
So yes, I'm making another story. Don't kill me pls. 
I won't tell you the plot or title or theme just yet: I will only ask you to make some good ol' characters for me. There is only one rule: they should be involved with music, preferably rock, metal or punk. Musicians, fans, anything like that.
Follow this format, babes:

Nickname/stage name/artistic name (optional):
Trivia (if you got any):
FYM (white background pls):

Thanks for auditioning. The characters will be announced in a week or so, along with the plot and shit.
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